About the Author

I’ve been writing for a living, in one form or another, for 30 years. Along the way I’ve worked in various settings at the local, state, and national levels. After getting a journalism degree, I started as a small-town newspaper reporter and then moved to the suburban section of the state’s largest daily. Then I wrote press releases, speeches, and radio news stories for state legislators and later in Washington for a member of Congress. The next job was PR writer at a national trade association. There I raised my writing and editing to a whole new level under a tough but talented editor/supervisor. I moved on to became communication manager at a national professional society, where I wrote my own stuff (newsletters, news releases, marketing copy) and edited others. After that I went to the Pentagon to create strategic communication plans, develop compelling messages, and help promulgate public affairs policy for the Army. I also critiqued and/or edited others’ communication products.